Surviving Steam Locomotives in Wellington

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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
199H0-4-2T Fell Locomotive Museum, Fetherston, WGNdisplayAvonside Engine Co. #1075, 1875Named Mount Cenis
299Wb2-6-2THugh McCracken, Maymorn, WGNparts sourceBaldwin Loco Works #16175, 1898
292Wb2-6-2THugh McCracken, Maymorn, WGNstoredBaldwin Loco Works #16172, 1898
356Wd2-6-4THugh McCracken, Paekakariki, WGNstoredBaldwin Loco Works #19260, 1901
386Wf2-6-4T Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNstoredAddington #66, 1905
608Ab4-6-242"NZGR Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNoperationalNZGR Addington Workshops #163, 1915
1271Ja4-8-242"NZGR Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNoperationalNZGR Hillside Workshops #394, 1956
1203Jb4-8-2 Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNparts sourceNth. British Loco. Co #24526, 1939tender only
945Ka4-8-442" Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNrestorationHutt #328, 1939
917K4-8-4 Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNstoredHutt #294, 1934
663Ab4-6-242"NZGR Mainline Steam, Plimmerton, WGNoperationalNZGR Addington Workshops #188, 1917Named Sharon Lee
811Ab4-6-242" Mainline Steam, Plimmerton, WGNparts sourceNth. British Loco. Co #23186, 1925tender used with 663
1236Jb4-8-2 Mainline Steam, Plimmerton, WGNoperationalNth. British Loco. Co #24559, 1939Named Joanne. Undergoing 10 year boiler survey.
911K4-8-4 Mainline Steam, Plimmerton, WGNrestorationHutt #288, 1934Awaiting restoration.
50-4-0T42"Napier Harbour Board Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNstored operationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16342, 1925Sold
531 (50)Ws0-4-0T42"Public Works Dept. Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalAndrew Barclay Sons & Co. #1749, 1921Leased from Hawkes Bay Steam Society. Originally bought by Public Works Dept. later sold to NZGR.
132C0-4-2ST Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNrestorationDübs & Co. (Scotland) #885, 1875
143D2-4-0T Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNstoredNeilson Bros. #1847, 1874Named Trout
137D2-4-0T Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNstoredScott Bros. ChCh #31, 1887
509 (219)L2-4-0T42"Public Works Dept. Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalAvonside Engine Co. #1207, 1877From NZGR.
219L2-4-0T Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalAvonside Engine Co. #1207, 1877
847C2-6-242"NZGR Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalNZGR Hillside Workshops #255, 1930
571Ww4-6-4T Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNrestorationHillside #147, 1914
935Ka4-8-4 Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNrestorationHutt #318, 1941
453N2-6-2Wellington & Manawatu Rly Trust, Wellington, WGNrestorationBaldwin Loco Works #12104, 1891

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